Di 2-Ethylhexyl Terephthalate

DOTP stands for Dioctyl Terephthalate, which is a type of plasticizer used in the production of various plastic products. It is a clear, colorless, and odorless liquid that is commonly used as a substitute for phthalate plasticizers, which have been found to be potentially harmful to human health.


  • DOTP is a clear, colorless liquid that is practically odorless.
  • It has a high boiling point and low volatility, making it useful in high-temperature applications.
  • It has good electrical properties, making it suitable for use in PVC insulation and sheathing for wires and cables.
  • It has excellent compatibility with PVC, which means it can be easily blended with PVC resins to create flexible PVC products.


  • DOTP is a safer alternative to phthalate plasticizers such as DOP (diethylhexyl phthalate), which are considered to be harmful to human health and the environment.
  • DOTP offers good stability, which means it can be used in outdoor applications without breaking down due to exposure to UV radiation or other environmental factors.
  • DOTP has good thermal stability, which means it can be used in high-temperature applications without degrading.

Application Areas:

  • PVC products: Cables, films, flooring, and artificial leather.
  • Medical devices: Production of medical devices such as blood bags and tubing.
  • Toys and childcare products: Production of toys and childcare products to ensure their safety and compliance with regulations.
  • Automotive components: Production of automotive components such as dashboard covers and seat covers.
  • Other applications: DOTP is also used in other applications such as adhesives, sealants, and coatings.


LEBA DOTP is a colorless, clear liquid plasticizer with hardly noticeable characteristic smell. It is mostly compatible with most of the plasticizers and it is miscible with most of the solvents.



CAS No : 6422-86-2

EC No : 229-176-9