Trioctyl Trimellitate

TOTM (trioctyl trimellitate) is a plasticizer that belongs to the class of high-molecular-weight phthalate-free plasticizers. It is a clear, colorless, and odorless liquid that is widely used in various industries for its desirable properties. Here are some key properties, benefits, and usage areas of TOTM plasticizer:


High thermal stability: TOTM exhibits excellent thermal stability, allowing it to maintain its plasticizing properties even at high temperatures. This property makes it suitable for applications that involve exposure to elevated temperatures.

Low volatility: TOTM has low volatility, meaning it evaporates slowly at room temperature. This characteristic ensures long-term performance and reduces the risk of plasticizer migration or loss.

Good electrical properties: TOTM offers good electrical insulation properties, making it useful in applications where electrical resistance is required.

High efficiency: TOTM has a high degree of efficiency as a plasticizer, meaning it can provide effective plasticization with relatively low dosage levels. This efficiency can lead to cost savings in formulations.


  • Phthalate-free: TOTM is a phthalate-free plasticizer, which means it does not contain any phthalate compounds. Phthalates have been associated with health and environmental concerns, so the use of phthalate-free alternatives like TOTM is preferred in many applications.
  • Chemical resistance: TOTM offers excellent resistance to chemicals, oils, and solvents. This property makes it suitable for applications where exposure to harsh substances is expected, such as in automotive, construction, and medical devices.
  • Good flexibility and durability: TOTM imparts flexibility and durability to various polymer formulations, allowing them to withstand bending, stretching, and impact without losing their integrity. This benefit is particularly important in applications where flexibility and durability are critical, such as in wire and cable insulation, automotive interiors, and coated fabrics.

Application areas:

  • Wire and cable industry: TOTM is commonly used as a plasticizer in the production of wire and cable insulation due to its excellent electrical properties and thermal stability.
  • Automotive industry: TOTM finds applications in the automotive sector for manufacturing flexible components such as automotive interiors, instrument panels, door panels, and wire harnesses, where its high-temperature stability and durability are beneficial.
  • Medical devices: TOTM is utilized in the production of medical-grade plastics, including medical tubing, catheters, and blood bags, due to its low volatility, good chemical resistance, and biocompatibility.
  • Coated fabrics: TOTM is used in the production of coated fabrics for applications such as conveyor belts, inflatable structures, and protective clothing, where its flexibility, durability, and chemical resistance are advantageous.
  • Adhesives and sealants: TOTM can be employed as a plasticizer in adhesive and sealant formulations, offering improved flexibility, tack, and resistance to chemicals.

LEBA TOTM is a colorless, clear liquid plasticizer with hardly noticeable characteristic smell which is used where applications require good plasticizer/resin compatibility, low volatility, resistance to extraction by soapy water and good electrical properties.


CAS No : 3319-31-1

EC No : 222-020-0